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About Us

Our Vision

FIA SHA is a prestigous company in providing quality products in the field of car repair, in vans, trucks, tractors and so on. The object of the company’s activity consists in wholesale and retail trading, starting from car filters, oils, or solutions. With the support of renowned partners in the international market, FIA SHA has become the leader in product delivery. Our company’s focus is to offer the highest quality products on the market with affordable prices for the Albanian market. We supply over 90% of the Albanian market and we collaborate with more than 400 customers, shops and services, guaranteeing a maximum presence in the market. The supply program that we apply aims to meet all the requirements of the market, in quality, for all car brands.



Our Partners

FIA SHA company will continue not only to maintain the quality of products it offers, but also to continuously increase its presence in the market with continuous and sustainable trading relationships, as well as exclusives from many potential European partners:


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