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What We Offer


We bring to you the best oil filters from the biggest brands. Our partners are all over the EU


We chose carefully oils for your car. Our clients always are happy with what we offer


Your car battery provides the zap of electricity needed to put electrical components to work. We have quality battery on various prices.

Spare Parts for Heavy Machinery

Spare Parts for Heavy Machinery, Original Spare Parts, Hoops, Gaskets, Belts.


Many people don’t clean their engines simply because they’re afraid of damaging something, but your engine is a lot more resilient than you give it credit for and should be clear. We have the best solutions to keep your car clear.


The main functions of a vehicle's tires include supporting the vehicle load, transmitting traction and braking forces to the road surface, absorbing road shocks, and changing and maintaining the direction of travel. We provide the best tires with the best price.

About Us

FIA SHA is a company with many years experience in providing quality products.

Our Vision

FIA SHA is a company with many years experience in providing quality products in the field of spare parts for cars, vans, trucks, tractors etc..

Our Partners

This company imports and has the support of partners worlwide known for example, BALDWIN, FILTERS, HIFI FILTER, PERKINS, GARANTI FILTRE (REAL FLTER), VENOL, STAUFF, UNIPOINT, PAUL VOORMANN

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Address : Tirana-Elbasan National Road (old road), Mullet, Tirana, Albania Tirana 1016 Albania